How many miles will a Nissan GT-R last?

The Nissan GT-R was once heralded as the “everyday supercar.” That means if you bought one, you could theoretically drive it every day and it would provide almost as much practicality as your normal sedan. But if you drove a GT-R every day, how many miles would you expect it to last?

How many miles can you expect from a Nissan GT-R?

how many kilometers does a nissan gt-r last

2023 Nissan GT-R | nissan

Although the R35 Nissan GT-R, which has been around since 2009 and hasn’t changed much, is a supercar, it’s still a car. That means with proper maintenance and care, you can expect to get around 200,000 miles before any major rebuilds. Okay, that’s if you drive it like a normal car and avoid throwing it at every stop light.

According to Motors and Wheels, “If you work the GT-R too hard, it may not even get more than 150,000 miles before it needs major repairs.” That’s still a lot of miles for a car over 560 hp. It’s safe to say that the mechanical mastery Nissan injected into the GT-R does more than rev it up.

The Nissan GT-R can last a long time, but some of its parts can wear out quickly.

One specific case of a Nissan GT-R going the distance is a 2009 model with over 140,000 miles on the clock. EatSleepDrive on YouTube reported on the car a couple of years ago detailing the wear and tear that could be found inside and out.

There are some dents and rock chips on the exterior of the car. Luckily the owner put a sheer bra in the front for her which helped a lot. However, the interior of the car appears to have taken a beating. The video shows a lot of scratches in various parts, and the plastic lining is worn in some high-use places, like the door window switch panel.

As far as mechanical repairs go, the high-mileage GT-R saw its first major problem around 90,000 miles. The transmission needed service, which could have cost the owner $20,000 at the dealership. However, he took the cheaper route and had the transmission rebuilt by a shop so it could draw more power.

Otherwise, this well-used Nissan GT-R has only needed routine oil changes and basic maintenance to keep it on the road for the past decade.

Many R35 GT-R owners attest to the car’s longevity

how many kilometers does a nissan gt-r last

A silver Nissan GTR at the Canadian Motor Show. | Rene Johnston/ Toronto Star

In case one good example isn’t enough, consider that many Nissan GT-R owners on the GT-R Life forums can attest to the car’s reliability. Some owners claim their cars have over 100,000 miles on the clock, while others claim to have over 200,000 miles on the clock.

It is true that there are many factors to consider when taking a Nissan GT-R, the equivalent distance between the Earth and the moon. However, the basic premise remains the same; Take good care of a GT-R, and it should last you many years and even more miles.

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