Tesla’s referral program may return, but don’t expect free Roadsters

Tesla could soon reinvigorate its popular referral program, but it won’t be as generous as it once was.

A Twitter account by the name of Teslascope recently dug deep into the recently updated Tesla app and found strings referring to redeeming referrals for supercharged miles, as well as official products and vehicle accessories.

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It’s unclear when Tesla’s revived referral program might launch, but news of its return will certainly be welcome news for many Tesla enthusiasts.

In addition to mentioning supercharge miles and merchandise available in the Tesla store, the text discovered by Teslascope mentions “benchmark challenges” that could form some kind of game.

The referral program has been a shell of itself for the past two years, offering only a handful of sun products. Prior to this, Tesla had already reduced incentives, offering 1,000 free supercharge miles on both sides of the transaction. Electrek notes When it was in its heyday, the program was extraordinarily generous, so much so that Tesla was giving away $250,000 Roadsters to owners who generated enough sales for the brand. No fewer than 80 owners were eligible for a free Roadster before this incentive was removed from the program due to the exorbitant costs involved.

Reports last year suggested that Tesla planned to modify the referral program to eliminate or reduce the use of referral links and thus limit the number of people spamming them via social media. Instead, it is understood that Tesla was moving to an app-based referral program that promoted in-person referrals.

Photos of the Tesla’s referral program may return, but don’t expect free Roadsters